Chris Mhina

Multi-talented Swedish R&B singer & actor

Chris Mhina is a 24 year old Swede of Tanzanian descent whose diverse set of skills along with his story combine well to add up to an intriguing and mysterious character. With the release of the 118 EP, Mhina has already garnered the interest of major labels and is on his way to establishing himself as a world renowned artist.

With a father who was a music producer, Mhina grew up in the music industry around international superstars such as Denniz Pop and Dr. Alban. Through learning the craft from the greats, Mhina gained his understanding for the artform. While dealing with the ups and downs of his upbringing, Mhina turned to performance art in order to channel his energy, by nurturing his acting, dancing and singing abilities with several films under his belt. What further distinguishes his brand, is the quality of his songwriting and music production, adding up to an overall diverse style and sound.